Lights, camera, action.

Whether you are looking for an independent cameraman, or looking for an entire crew to create your latest vision, I have all of the tools and experience to deliver the high quality product you are envisioning.  I have experience with camera platforms ranging from GoPros and DSLRs all the way up to high end RED Cinema cameras.  Let bring my training and expertise onto your next project.

Commercial and Corporate

Does your company have an amazing product or service you are looking to promote?  Maybe your institution or program is looking to recruit?  Or maybe you are just looking to spread the word about what you are doing and the impact it can have.  I can help you with all of this. I have been producing and shooting corporate and commercial videos for years.  I can work with you to determine your goals and objectives for your video, and bring those to the screen with stunning visuals. Whether you are looking to produce a video for internal use in your company for training or orientation, or you are looking to create something to spread your product and/or brand, I can help you to successfully deliver your message to your target audience and capture the visuals that will support your message.

Professional Interviews

An interview sounds simple enough, but often can be improperly captured by an inexperienced camera team.  An interview with poor lighting or audio quality will be easily dismissed by your viewers. Capturing high quality sound is just as important, if not more, than capturing high quality video during an interview.  This person has given up their time to come and talk to you, don’t you think it should be captured correctly the first time? I do. I make sure not only to capture beautiful interviews in even the worst of locations, but to make sure the audio is crisp, clean, and audible.  After all, your interviewee is there because they have something to say.  Shouldn’t we hear it?

PSA’s and Non Profit

Are you an organization with a message that you want to get out to the masses?  A video is a great way to get your message out to thousands of people instantly!

I have worked on numerous PSA’s and have worked with several local non-profit organizations in the DC area to create successful, targeted, and effective video campaigns using video.  With video capable smartphones in everyone pocket these days, targeted video PSAs and campaigns are more successful than ever.  Let me help you create a video that will engage your audience, hold their attention, and will encourage them to sympathize with your cause.

Short Films

My background and deepest passion is in narrative filmmaking. As a Director of Photography I have worked on both short films and feature length films. I have a unique eye for camera movement and lighting that has helped me to send many of my projects to major film festivals, and even come home with several awards. As an artist I am always looking for the next great story, and the next great collaborative team to work with to tell that story. Whether you are looking for a Director of Photography, or just some professional equipment and guidance, I am available to lend my skills and support to your next project.

Web Video

Phones. Tablets. PCs. None of it matters anymore! Your content can be consumed by your viewers anytime and anywhere. Being able to create video content that is designed for the web and the fast paced lifestyles of your viewers is more important than ever. Whether you are looking to have your media blitz reach millions of viewers, or you are trying to get millions of views on your YouTube video, I can provide the sharp and engaging video that will keep them watching.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial video is a new thing!…is what we may have said a year to two ago. These days anyone and everyone can afford to put a camera in the sky. The difference is having someone behind the camera who knows how to capture the right images. Going high and shooting video just isn’t cutting it anymore. I can bring dynamic movement, beautiful lighting, and gorgeous cinematic motion to your aerial video. Any quadcopter operator can get “a shot”. I will make sure you get “the shot”.

Want my eye on your project?

Let me bring my expertise in cinematography and my artistic eye to your next project.

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